Friday, July 11, 2014

Yam Rice with Pork Belly and Mushroom

Inspired by fellow blogger mummies, I'm going to do a food blog post. My first attempt to cook this simple food we eat all the time. My dad and my father in law love to eat yam, and Yam Rice with Pork is a traditionally home cooked comfort food for us. So here's some pictures to share. :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm cooking!

I love to eat.

Under the strong influence of my husband and his family who loves food, I have learnt to eat everything. However it's not till lately that I started cooking. I love cooking but never really had the need to do it as we always eat at my mom's place. My nanny whom my kids call 'Muk Muk' (which means Grandma in Bidayu her native Sarawakian language) cooks really well. And sometimes we eat at my in laws, my mother in law who is a home science teacher cooks really well too and we are just few doors walking distance away! I am throughly blessed.

However, Muk Muk has gone back to her kampung, and I have to start cooking for my family and my parent. To be honest I was a bit nervous... have not been cooking since my university days!

So here are some of my 'experiments'... I am grateful that my family eats them without much complain. :)

I came across this on another mom's blog and showed it to my son, and he wanted to try it.  :)
They ate it without any sauce in minutes. 

That's all for now!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

New garden awaits!

I changed the layout of my blog site to this garden patch background. I thought it looked cute and most importantly it's what we are into now!

I never had a green finger, or so I thought... every plant seem to die in my care... but but but... for the children's sake I am taking up my courage and take up planting!

Here are some photoes of my garden, before and after.

And we arewaiting for some plants to grow before I can take pictures of them. Patience. Here's a song that we sang in our Baha'i children's class about Patience :)

"...Patience is the answer, when we are sad and blue. Patience is rewarded it brings happiness to you."

true true... will exercise some patience :)

My boys helping to clear the grass to make space for the vegies that we are going to grow.

My little gardener.

Everyone helped.

by everyone I really mean everyone! Tyler helped put the stones in the pail. :) 

He also tried catching some fishes!

Will take more pictures when the vegies grow. :)


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